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Christian education is an important element in the mission of St. Paul's. The children are already spiritual beings and the Sunday school program enhances their spirituality with teachings of Christ and the Episcopal Church. St. Paul's program is for preschool (age 3) to sixth grade and is held every Sunday morning, beginning at 10:30AM, coincident with the 10:30AM service.

The Sunday school curriculum uses a combination of programs, which are described in more detail below. The activities in each classroom vary greatly depending on the various talents of the teachers and include arts and crafts, plays, games and storytelling.

St. Paul's also offers confirmation classes for youth, coordinated with Diocesan confirmation dates. The class explores the history, liturgy, and theology of the Episcopal Church. The class is chrrently held for seventh grade students.

In addition to the regular Sunday school program, the children participate in a number of other special programs presented throughout the year:

  • St. Nicholas Day Celebration
  • Christmas/Epiphany Pageant
  • Christmas Eve Children's Service
  • Burying of the Alleluias for Lent
  • Palm Sunday procession
  • Easter Sunday procession, Raising of the Alleluias, Easter Egg Hunt
  • Pentecost/Sunday School Picnic
  • Sunday School Camp (ages 3 to 7)
  • Altar Guild Demonstration
  • Blessing of the Animals on St. Francis Day
  • Thanksgiving Service (Giving Tree)
These programs are folded with All Ages worship - Sundays on which there is no Sunday school and the children are included as part of the regular Sunday service.

You may view pictures, the script and the cast from the Epiphany Pageant held on January 8th, 2006.



Godly Play

(3 yrs through 1st grade)
This creative program allows yound children to find their relationship with God by experiencing stories from the Bible and our Christian heritage. Stories are told in a child-oriented worship environment. The class brings stroes from the Old and New Testament to live using 3D figures. After the story, the children have an opportunity for expression through art and the wooden manipulatives. Each class ends with a Feast, at which a snack is shared in a similar way to the Eucharist.

Living the Good News

(3 classes: 2nd/3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th/6th grade)
This program features a lesson that is based on one of the Old or New Testament readings that is used during the Worship service each Sunday. This allows families to share what they heard and learned in church and in Sunday School.

Rite 13/Journey to Adulthood (J2A)

(2 classes: 7-8th grade and 9-10th grade)
This highly acclaimed program joins Sunday morning meetings with youth group activities. Youth entering sixth and seventh grades will begin the first two-year phase of the program, Rite-13. Children entering eighth and ninth grades enter the second two-year phase of this program, J2A.

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